Project 2019 Extension of the electricity grid in Gumda

Gumda is a small assembly village in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Located at an altitude of 2000m, it is the capital of Yamgaon where we have carried out our project for a "Yuwamai Khola" hydroelectric power plant.Following the earthquake of 2015, several houses in this village could not be rebuilt in the same place, which required their relocation to a new district. These houses are now being rebuilt but are not supplied with electricity. The village community asked us to finance this extension. The Namasté Gumda committee gave a favourable opinion on this project at the end of 2018. We are now awaiting a detailed offer from the electrical engineer and the approvals of the local authorities in order to make a final decision on the financing of this project.

Le projet en quelques chiffres:

  • 2 unités WC & Toilettes

  • 2 unités Toilettes

  • CHF 20'000.-

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